2015 Tour Divide in the bag

June 09, 2015

The motion sickness bag that is. Flying to Calgary tomorrow for Friday's start and nervous as hell. Throwing up sounds like a relief. Tapering and rest are just as, if not more important, than actually training these last 10 days. The downside-my nerves are at an all time gut wrenching level. Even listing to the Black Flag Damaged album provided no relief.

These are in my carry on.

I'm packed, panicked and under slept. it's good training for the tour divide. handing by bike off to United tomorrow will be relief. it will be out of my hands. I was trading emails with Matthew Lee this morning about the route in Colorado, specifically Monarch pass out of Salida. it's still buried in snow, but melting fast. I think mud will be the biggest problem, not snow. i told Matthew we should keep the current course even if there is still snow to navigate. It's the tour divide after all...expect the unexpected.

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