By alpine luddite on 2015-03-16

March 16, 2015


Somedays I just need more coffee. I finished this Black Crag pack this morning, due to a customer in the UK, and realized I had sewn the zipper backwards. it's a totally functional pack, just not an  exact copy of the original Chouinard model. It does have the new die cut leather lash tabs which are exact copies of the chouinard packs from the 70's.

so it's for sale for half price, $100 plus shipping. email me at if your interested or have questions.

The funny thing is the pack is actually more functional this way. it's way easier to get to the internal pocket and access gear in the pack. the foam back pad stiffens up the backside and makes getting in and out of a fully loaded pack much more difficult.

zipper should be on the other side

ice axe loops on this one.

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