Day #9 - Polaris

June 21, 2015

Holy moley, another 94 miles and 6000 feet of climbing, and on a bum knee. That's incredible. He said the first 50 was okay, but the second 50 was grim (traded mountains and climbing for a head wind; biking with only one leg). Grand total mileage is 838 in 8 days of riding. Last night he slept outside at the only lodge in Polaris. He said the stars were amazing.

He looks like he might be having "fun."
Got to see a fox catch a rabbit

We had a very long texting chat this morning about quitting. He had to decide between pedaling 40 miles to Dillon to bail, or commit to another 100 to Lima, all very remote, so if his knee got worse..... scary to commit to.

What a drag about the knee. His concern is that he will truly injure it.

Morning in the lodge
We may not be able to hear from him tonight when he makes it to Lima, but I will at least be able to see him on the Spot Tracker. I wonder if I am pushing him too much? Wanting to help him succeed? He did say he wouldn't feel like he'd fail if he quit because he'd put in a good race already. And indeed climbed the hardest mountain of his life!

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