Days #3 & 4

June 15, 2015

Day #3
I keep trying to stay up until John quits for the day, but last night was another long slog that continued well after the late Montana (10 p.m.) sunset. I woke up in the middle of the night to learn that he'd quit at 1 a.m., after riding 115 miles. But he started late after sleeping in until 9:00 yesterday (still less than 6 hours sleep). He rode from the U.S./Canadian border to north of Whitefish. His text this morning said, "This race is brutal." One of his lights stopped working during the night (always good to have two!), but with only one, he felt slower on the downhills. He is struggling with nausea (not sure if we are allowed to give him any tips on dealing with this) and no appetite while riding. He looks like he is getting skinny already!

Morning of Day #4
Day #4
His goal today was another 100 miles, but to stop by 11 p.m. so he could get on an early-wake/earlier-to-bed schedule starting tomorrow. He said he knew it would be another challenging day, but keeps telling me that Day #4 is the hump day.... that the first four days are the hardest and you just gotta hold on and suffer. It looks like he will be camping tonight just SE of Flathead Lake, aprox. 150 miles from Helena.... after riding over a ridge a couple times. Sleep well, John.

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