End of the Line

June 22, 2015

Mind over matter.... until matter wins. No amount of determination, sheer will or fitness would make that knee work today. John went to bed last night planning on riding today, woke, ate a breakfast only a TDR racer can justify, helped repair a broken brake, and got on his bike ready for another 100-mile day. But he simply couldn't pedal. He had to accept that the race was definitely over for him. After pushing through so much pain, he simply could not ride another mile.

John says it best in his Facebook post:
Tour divide 2015 ended for me today in Lima, Montana. As I rolled out of town this morning, no amount of Advil or tape could keep my left knee from screaming. While I'm very sad to have left the race, I know I put in my best effort, and my knee just wasn't up for it this year. Racing almost 1000 miles across the rockies is an unforgettable experience. I have no regrets, just a desire to come back and try this again.

It's been a sad and disappointing day for both of us. John is pretty torn up. He really loved this race and the experience. He had the mental fortitude and the fitness for it. So much time and energy and love and preparation and thought and longing went into it. Today, I received his discarded gear in the mail.... the tattered relics of the trial he went through. It is as if the stuff is nearly vibrating with the tremendous energy expended during this experience.

I shared his dream. I was as attached as someone rooting for the home team. I must say the support from home was valuable. We processed a lot together, I spent my evenings reading the forum as research.... I was totally obsessed with watching his little dot move throughout the day on the spot tracker. 

The loyal steed

So he is on his way home. He caught a taxi to Dillon. Tomorrow morning, he will take a Greyhound to Salt Lake City and then the train to Grand Junction, where we will retrieve him (two hours from Ouray).

Congratulations to John for some very fine racing and for giving it 200%. We are very proud of you!

Each one of us who travels further than the obstacles will know a different kind of life from that time on.  - Author unknown

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