New Product: Intercontinental Front Bag

April 02, 2017

Intercontinental Front Bag. Designed with for crossing all types of boundaries on your bike : physical, emotional, actual, impossible. Front pocket is removable, will never slide around, and is independent of the compression straps. The bar straps can be ordered to fit over aero bars or handlebars.
I was working on this design when I heard the news of Mike Hall being killed. Hence the name.  I have raced the TDR once  and soon departing on my second TDR race.  Mike holds the record for  this race. While most of us will never be as fast as Mike, I think there is a common experience all of the racers have while out there.
The compression straps are sewn over the blue panel of the model shown. When compressed they actually reduce the volume of the whole bag, making the circumfrance smaller. They don't just squish it onto your handle bars.
The front pocket is fully removable via Fastex buckles and a single bungie cord hooked to the bottom to keep it from bounceing. it can be removed without unclipping the compression straps. it rises up to cover anything being held by the compression straps. So, when you need the TP , access is assured. 
mesh end pocket. perfect place for chain rag or damp socks.

15"-designed for drop bars or regualr flat bars. volume 10-13 liters.
20"-designed for flat bars only. Volume is 15-17 liters.
Standard is Dimension Polyant VX 42/21, depending on color. black 500 D Corura scuff panel over the handl bars and cables. weighs 15-18 ounces. you want this  version for regular touring.
Race is D/DX40 UHMWP from Dimension Polyant with 3 ounce extruded cuban fiber fabric for the pocket and front panel. not as durable, but light. 15" is 10 ounces. 20" 12 ounces. 
Attachment: I use ITW Fastex nylon hardware. the straps are threaded trhough a sewn down tri glide so they don't slide around when being tightened. straps go around handlebars. They can also be set up to fit Aero bars(as shown) or Jones Bars. please ask, no charge for this modification. Leather /foam spacers included.

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