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August 01, 2015

I came across these tonight. I'm trying to get out of town tomorrow for the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City and my mind and energy should be thinking about work but i had the best ride tonight since i hurt my knee, which gets me thinking of TD 2016.  In fact I fell asleep at midnight last night working on my training plan/goals.  I also have a ride with Walt of Waltworks fame who built my bike planned for this week, since I'm in town.

The first photo is of me, from the back (I hate that POC helmet, weighs a ton), at the start from Marshall Bird.
That's me in the pink wind shirt.

The Radavist has a great series of photos from the start. Some of the bikes and their huge loads I never saw again, though I did find a South African flag on day one in the mud.

My Friend Josh. We rode together for a few days, on and off and camped together one night in Montana before the Hungry Bear Cafe on rt 83 before going over Richmond peak. Josh had a ride of epic proportions between body issues & mechanicals but he finished. amazing effort on his part. I keep forgetting he is 20 years younger than me. I heard he had one of the best call ins this year.
Josh before saddle sores.

Sarah I met before the race, she's a philosophy professor at Carleton, outside the Twin cities, where my niece and nephew go to school. I never asked her "why" she was racing. She was incredibly strong and quite capable of making the boys cry. her blog is here: http://guild44.tumblr.com/  I wish I could have ridden more with her.
No, i'm not mentioning JP posing for GQ, but Sarah in the blue jacket and braids. she carried 7 GPS units with her.

Canada day two hike a bike. this is actually Montana Miller  from 2014 but a good shot of the easy riding we have on the TD.

Mr Eric Morton AKA Epic ride. Eric has so much energy he was vibrating like a live wire the day before the race. he's a real hipster. I heard him ask for almond milk at the Wildflower Bakery in Banff. 

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