Still in the game - Day 10

June 21, 2015

I always knew John was tough. And resilient. But these last two days have proven his grit.

Tough AND smart. Smart enough to not be willing to ruin his knee, just to finish a race. Just like he is wise and disciplined enough to not walk under a cornice climbing in Peru -- when I was five months pregnant -- backing off from the chance to summit. That cornice fell two weeks later, killing 11 climbers.

I worried all day that I sent him off into the woods with a bad knee, with too many words of encouragement, when maybe I should have given him my blessing to quit. But he kept saying he was torn. I did work my Bozeman contacts for a possible rescue/retrieval plan, since he is not far from there.

He made it to Lima today, 104 miles in 8 hours, ingesting lots of Advil. Lima is weird, and he has been in Montana too long, he says. He is ready to get out of there (don't get me wrong, he loves the place). There are no hotel rooms or places to bivy, except wind-swept plains, making Lima all the more inhospitable. Fortunately, he just discovered that the Exxon station allows racer to camp in their gazebo. So after some junk food, he will hopefully fall into a deep, rejuvenating sleep. But for the second night in a row, there is no ice for his knee. Darn.

John's comment was "This race is schooling me."
He is maintaining his sense of humor, even in pain.

Tomorrow he will reach a grand total 1000 miles half way through his day. In another 350, he will be half way. But jeez, even I was thinking today, this is just too much pain and suffering to be sustainable for 21 days (we already know it ain't any fun!).

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