Tough as Nails!

June 20, 2015

Day #9 - Mid-day report
There are no people in greater awe of these racers then the racers themselves of each other. "You gotta go there to know there," right? John commented about this days ago.... how amazed he was of how tough everyone is who is racing.

And he is one of them. Even after being super discouraged yesterday with severe knee pain, thinking he might be done, he is off again! Unfortunately, today begins with more huge Montana climbs. Next destination/goal is Lima, Montana, aprox. 200 miles. Plan is to take two days.

I hope his rest day will prove valuable. I just keep thinking that if he can get to Wyoming, he will feel a sense of reprieve.

11:30 a.m.
Just got a text from his lunch spot, and all is well! New shoe/pedal system was the right choice. He texted, "Knee is good. Gonna stay positive. Doing it."

Go John!

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