Tour Divide 2015 last big training ride

May 28, 2015

It seems to me there is a fine line between training for endurance events and actually doing them. This last ride was a good example. The line being you can never mentally push yourself as hard in training as in actual racing. Even an event like the TD.

my last big ride was 3 days, 340 miles and 15,000 ft of climbing give or take a bit. It's had been raining and/or snowing here in the San Juans for 6 days prior to the start of this ride so I decided to head east and look for drier terrain.

Day one: I rode to Gunnison from Ouray, 102 miles. 7.5 hours. I left late, around 8:30 and immediately was in a hail storm, then rain for the first 20 miles. Found the sun outside of Montrose. then climbed up to Gunnison.

I visited  Double shot cyclery for the first time. cool shop and good coffee. I spent the night sleeping in the woods by the whitewater park on the river.

gunnison whitewater park
I need a jersey with espresso

Day two: I rode east, over to Doylesville, where I got on the actual Tour divide route to Del norte . I can happily report despite record levels of snow, numerous hail and short thunderstorms the route was totally dry. the only exception was the jeep roads before the air strip in Del Norte. they were very muddy and rutted. I was surprised at the good conditions as everything further west , San Juans, are soaked and very muddy. snow is still down to 9000 ft or so. Daily mileage 140 miles. not many pictures as i was in hail and thunderstorms all afternoon.

Day three: 108 miles back to Gunnison on CO114. nothing exciting to report other than is hailed and rained pictures.

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