Tour Divide here we come

April 01, 2015

The first finished Alpine Luddites seat bag. I never planned to offer bike packing gear, I just wanted to build my own for racing. However, this bag came out so well ,and i'm immediately getting requests, i'm offering custom fitted seat bags. Makes my Waltwork's bike look smashing.

this version weighs all of 7 oz. the lightest production bag i could find ,with a listed weight, was 12 oz. I used the 1000D/500D cordura X Pac fabric for the bottom panel and the "nose "to just beyond where the seat ends. perfect for high abrasion areas.  the sides are 200 D X pac and the top panel is 70D X Pac . there are two velcro straps, a 2" lower strap and a 1" upper . I did this as I use a setback Thompson seat post. All of the velcro is sewn onto nylon webbing which is infinitely stronger than just using the velcro. There are 4 D rings for attaching extra gear with reflective shock cord. also put 1" wide reflective tape the length of each side of the bag so head lights in both the left hand and right hand side of the road will see you on your next Rando race. Kiwi Brevet anyone?

the compression wings are nonwoven dyneema. stronger than steel and all of 5 grams. I used 3/4" nylon webbing to fit better under the seat. 1" nylon for the roll top closure.

All the interior seams, and I mean All of them, are seam taped for durability and to help keep water out BUT this is not waterproof like a true dry bag. a tube of Seam Grip would help alot for that and I plan to seal mine. I keep my down sleeping bag and down sweater in a true dry bag mounted to the handle bars. my pad and dyneema tarp live there too for all of 2 lbs 7ozs with the dry bag. I carry extra clothes, food and spares in this bag.

I build them to order , custom fitting included, for $125. If you want the "race" version it's built out of  lighter fabrics. The "tour" version is still fairly light but has a few extra abrasion patches and stouter fabric on the top panel. super heavy duty truck tarp material is also available for the bottom panel. ads lots of weight but super burly. Navy blue only in the truck trap.

to fit I'll need an accurate tracing on cardboard, of your entire seat bottom and backend, down the seat post to the chain stays and up and over your rear tire. . colors are limited but basic, black, white and colored webbing are your options. let me know if you have strong preferences.

I will need this to build your seat bag.

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