Tour Divide Telluride Training ride

May 19, 2015

The photos below are from my 250 km overnight training ride to Telluride and back. I went fully loaded, IE what gear I plan to start the Tour Divide with. The ride went pretty easy and I didn't rush. I made the 170 km on the first day to Telluride in 9 hours with 2300 m of climbing.

The only mistake I made was starting the long climb up to Telluride with no food on the bike. I kept thinking it was on 14 miles and I would eat when i got there. It's funny how much steeper and longer a climb feels on a bike than a car... I should have stopped at the store in Placerville or Sawpitt.

I camped in the park just a few hundred meters north of downtown. no one seemed to mind. I was wandering around at 6:30 waiting for the coffee shop to open for the ride home. I had to wait for the sun to hit the road before I started riding. It as 1C and too cold traveling down canyon at 55 kmph without the sun.

Overall a great training ride. this week I'm planning on a three day ride to Del Norte and back. a section of which will be on the actual Tour Divide Route. If it's still too muddy I may have to do a different ride. snow and rain everyday here in the San Juans still . the ride to Del Norte goes over several passes above 3200 m.
Ridgway Colorado

looking back towards Montrose on the 1000M climb up the plateau.

CO 510

my desk job 

Telluride gas station. Full bike set up #waltworks #alpineluddites

Alpine Luddites custom Pringles holder

Telluride at 6:45 AM. 

Tour Divide racer after tactical error

CO 62 on the pass heading back to Ridgway.

breakfast of champions

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