Waltworks 29'r!

March 20, 2015

My new 29'r. built by Walt in Park City, UT. waltworks.com. i'm surprised more people don't buy handmade bikes. this frame cost less than a mass produced carbon, Ti bike from Asia. I'm not knocking Asian made bikes.  but think about the custom fit you get from a custom builder, the quality is always very high and your money stays local. I think if you're serious or just love bikes and cycling  the experience of getting a bike made for you is really fun, if you don't over think every option. Remember fit trumps material.
Walt is jealous of my bar ends

I actually went to visit Walt in January to design my frame for my type of riding. Try doing that with Niner, Giant, Trek, surly, Salsa ect....
now I need to build bags for the bike for endurance racing/bikepacking. 

I can't say every custom bike builder is on the up and up. Some brands think they can do no wrong. like this Seven Ti mtb i had built last year. they insisted that the tire clearance was fine for a mtn bike. they believed their own bullshit so much they told me I was ,in so many words,"wrong". this is a 2.2 tire. eventually they took the frame back but what a run around with them. I think if you go the custom route avoid any the brands that sit between custom mass produced and offer every thing. My experience with Seven Cycles pretty much sucked and cost a lot of money ,time and frustration. My wifes experience at Moots was way better. There is less "bike culture bullshit" at Moots.

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