BEAL OPERA UNICORE -single, half, twin 8.5mm
BEAL OPERA UNICORE -single, half, twin 8.5mm
BEAL OPERA UNICORE -single, half, twin 8.5mm

BEAL OPERA UNICORE -single, half, twin 8.5mm

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Everyone must wonder my only selling skinny ropes. the main reason is impact force. I focus on ice and alpine climbing. shitty conditions, poor protection, long rappels, all par for the game. I like to think I'm stacking the odds in my favor by limiting the impact forces on my gear. I don't use Yates Screamers or the E-Climb load limiters.  There is nothing wrong with these types of devices except the weight and bulk precludes their use for me.  The only exception may be the Stinger or Joker on a long alpine climb where the I'm using a single strand and the 2nd needs to jug to follow for speed. or carrying the big pack.

If your climbing on bolt protected routes any decent rope works. You can buy a rope for this at any good climbing shop. I'm not that shop.


The Beal Opera 8.5mm UNICORE is the lightest single rope on the market. It is also certified as a half and twin rope. Weighing in at only 48g per meter. The rope is made with technology that combines all of Beal's know-how, resulting in low impact forces, UNICORE technology, DRY COVER protection and the UIAA Water Repellent standard for the GOLDEN DRY version. This ultra-supple, ultralight rope will exceed the expectations of the most demanding sport climbers and alpinists. STRING POINTS: •UNICORE Process • Single, half, and twin certified • UIAA Water Repellent Certified in GOLDEN DRY. USES: Performance minded sport, trad, alpine and ice climbing.

I only stock the 70M length with Beal's Golden Dry treatment. other lengths are available.

  • Weight: 48 g/m

  • Impact force: Single 7.4kN, Half 5.5kN, Twin 8.6kN

  • UIAA falls: Single 5, Half 20, Twin 25

  • UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Golden Dry

  • GD = Golden Dry
  • UC = Unicore process

  • Black Limit middle mark
  • CE and UIAA Certified Single- Half -Twin