Karrimor Evazote foam pads
Karrimor Evazote foam pads

Karrimor Evazote foam pads

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Karrimor Evazote foam pads


100% British manufactured from premium-quality, Evazote® foam. These are the best closed cell foam pads available. it will outlive your Ridgerest by a decade. they do not compress or stiffen up in the cold.

extreme mat for use on ice and snow, offering high protection, warmth and comfort. This is the same type of mat as the classic gold Karrimat (alas now deceased), however the dimensions are slightly different. Frequently used on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, frozen ground and rocky environment. ideal for high-altitude mountaineering and alpine use, as well as backpacking. Very comfortable, warm, lightweight, abrasion resistant, waterproof, and CFC free. Comes rolled in a plastic sleeve with fitted buckled straps bands. Easy to carry and compact to store.

The value of a mat like this is that it is virtually indestructible and can be used in conjunction with another mat at basecamp and on it's own on bivis. It is also useful for insulating snow furniture while hanging around basecamp, leaving your other mat in your tent keeping your sleeping bag from getting cold.

Season Rating: 4/5.

US R value is 1.47 (= 2.59 Tog).

Beacons Products - Expedition Extreme XL Mat



73 in

1850 cm


13 Oz

350 Grams


23 in

575 cm

Pack Size::

23x6 in

575x165 cm


.37 in

9.5 mm