Alpine Luddites

Light Speed

Light Speed is a simple, lightweight, durable summit or ultra light pack.

While it's light it's more than most summit packs. There is sewn in 6mm closed cell foam back pad, fully padded shoulder straps, removable sternum strap and a removable waist strap. It's built to same standards as all my climbing packs- It will hold of for multiple seasons of use. 

It's function was to be carried as a summit pack on longer trips. It would be perfect for the Bugaboo's, Wind Rivers, the Sierra backcountry( my fav), Chamonix ect...It can be folded in half and rolled up or used as a stuff sack. the haul points are strong enough to do just that. the pack is cut tall and skinny to keep the weight close to your back. The lid straps are postioned to act as compression straps. They are also long enough to carry a rope under the lid flap.


  • weight 15 ounces, 14 without the belt.
  • volume 20L or so
  • Dimesion Polyant DX40 fabric
  • 2 layer bottom
  • 6mm closed cell foam back pad
  • 3/4" webbing
  • fully padded shoulder straps
  • removable sternum strap and waist belt
  • one size 19" from bottom edge of the back panel to shoulder straps.