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Ultra Light Dyneema Fanny Pack

UL Fanny Pack

UL Dyneema fanny pack product update. The pack now comes standard with a spacer mesh back panel. So many are bought for general outdoor and travel use , the straight Dyneema back panel didn’t make much sense. So the weight has gone from 4 ounces, 120 grams to 5.5 ounces, 160 grams. I’m happy to make them for bike packers with a straight Dyneema back and a lot less weight. They will still roll up to easily fit in a jersey pocket. 

original product description:

This Ultra Light version of the fanny pack was envisioned to be used for bike packing, travel and as a small bag that could be carried in a bigger pack. It rolls up small enough to fit in a jersey pocket. Ideal for multi day rides to help with extra food or a water bladder.


  • 3 L volume
  • Waterproof #8 YKK  zipper
  • 5 oz. Cuben fiber fabric
  • finished weight 4 ounces