In the world of synthetic sleeping bags there are not a lot of differences in the insulation, except for Primaloft. While many synthetic insulations absorb up to 30% of their weight in water, if you get wet, Primaloft only absorbs 3%. That is a big difference. While the old thought is synthetics are "warm when wet", keep in mind water saturated insulation will conduct heat away from you. quickly.Think of wet socks vs dry socks.

So, I carry this Vaude bag mainly because it's filled with Primaloft. I have used bags like this up to 20,000 ft in open bivys. They never failed me. I wasn't always warm but they worked well enough. 

The other reason I choose this bag is it weighs only 26 ounces. It's perfect for three season bikepacking or climbing. Unlike a down bag it doesn't need to be carefully handled . There are less expensive Synthetic bags but none this light/compact for the amount of warmth.


Specs from Vaude:

Warm Primaloft sleeping bag with shingle construction for very demanding tours.
Spacious pack sack with a small zip pocket - extremely durable compression sack included - head and foot sections made with waterproof material - Primaloft Infinity fill in a baffle construction for optimal insulation - integrated foot section with drawcord, can be used as storage sack - length adjustable with drawcord, resulting "foot sack" can be used as a storage bag or provide additional insulation at the feet - side zip reaches down 40 cm before foot end for enhanced insulation at the feet - body contoured mummy cut for optimal heat management - extreme warmth collar with an anatomical fit - footbox - long side zip down to the foot section - pack sack with compression straps - with large inner pocket made from soft mesh fabric

  • Comfort 43°, Limit 36° Extreme 9° F

  • Carry Weight: 1lb 10 oz

  • Size: 87" x 31" x 22"

  • Carry Size: 12" x 10"

  • Fill: 100% Polyester Primaloft Infinity 80g/m

  • Fill Weight: 450g, 16oz
  • Shell: 100% Nylon 15D 400T
  • Liner: 100% Nylon 15D 400T

  • Fits To: 6'3"
  • left zip only