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Top Tube Bag

Top Tube Bag:

The top tube bags are for extra carrying capacity for longer rides or FS bikes with small frame bags. These aren't feed bags! In some cases they hold more than the frame bag as pictured on the Specialized Enduro. I think they are a good option if you don't want to resort to a backpack for extra food/gear for multiday trips.

These also work well for use with a Dynamo hub. the hydration port is sealed with velcro ,which makes running wires in and out painless and relativly water resistant. on this bag I prefer putting the port on the side panel,oppisite the zipper. it's more weatherproof than being exposed on the top.

these bags can have a thin, 1/4", layer of closed cell foam sewn in around most of the perimeter to hold it's shape and make using the zipper one handed a bit easier. Please ask.

All of these bags also have an internal baffle/divider to help keep contents from moving around.

Fabric is Xpac packcloth , Cordura or Dimension Polyant D40 fabric in white. Custom colors are available, just email me for options and possible extra wait time. Zippers are  #10 YKK water resistant zips.

full rain flaps available, but the do make using the zipper while riding a bit more difficult.

customers have requested other custom details: lash tabs & elastic cord for holding gear/water bottle on the top. zippered mesh or xpac top pockets, lash tabs for SPOT devices.

All are custom built. I will need a tracing of the top area of your bike, with a line drawn showing how tall you want the frame bag to be. mail tracing too:

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