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custom top loading framebag

 Today's project was a Christmas gift for the woman who did my bison logo. It's for her boyfriend/partner and my friend, who I had to block until the 25th, and his @monebikes goofy 29+ with the old Schwin replica disc brake fork. But this bag is cool. It has a top flap that closes with Velcro, but the bag hangs off of one wrap Velcro under the flap on the top tube. I ran the side panels around the corners and along the top tube for 37mm on each side to make a better seal and I sewed in 6mm closed cell foam into the side panels on each side of the opening to keep the bag open for easier loading when empty. The front side has two mesh external pockets. The back side has a full bag sized flat pocket with a .5 ounce Dyneema inner layer to keep thing organized. Fabrics are a mix of xpac DX40 and x33 , 330 Cordura faced camo. After a custom project like this I always feel good. Usually mentally tired, it's like a piece of me gets invested with every custom order beyond my normal products. I'm always a little sad to ship them off. The amount of energy it takes always surprises me, even If I build a few fully new designs a week. It's like climbing, I forget how hard it is but always enjoy it when it's over. It's also overwhelming, my backlog is at 55 orders, many custom. A full custom project like this frame bag is a full day, a full custom pack, 2-4 days with everything else I do. I am fortunate most customers are patient. I'm six ,seven, eight months out and not able to close the gap, just an FYI if your thinking of ordering.

frame bags

ski chairs

It's small business Saturday. But here at Alpine Luddites it's Ski Chair Saturday!! Check out our updated reproduction of the Chouinard Equipment Mountain Lounger. I have two of the originals , which worked great when everyone skied in Asolo Snowfields and skins were 50 mm wide. The ski tip loops on mine adjust to fit the fattest tips @dpsskis can make. Use carbon poles at your own risk. #alpineluddites

ski chair

New Day Rising plus

New pack day for Bob! The New Day Rising plus ( NDR) is built out of 500 D Cordura with Dyneema grid. The second layer of fabric on the bottom and lower rim is 11 oz Cordura. Adds lots of durability but little weight. It's one of my favorite pack fabrics. The "plus" designation just means it's 20% wider than the standard NDR. More volume, wider pack, about the same weight. Loses some climbing ability. The roll top version of this pack is the White Light/White Heat pack. They use the same pattern. The difference being the NDR has a removable lid, dual drawcord and bivy extension. Bob just gave me a few colors he liked for the trim and webbing. I had free range on this one.

new day rising

HAB panniers

A set of custom HAB panniers. My third set this week. The Hike A Bike (HAB) panniers came from the need for simple, bombproof panniers for bike packing. This pair is 4" deep, but I offer these in any depth from 3-6 inches. They are low profile for easier pushing on the bike. For riders with small frames , and a smaller frame bag, these give a lot more volume . They also help with the sheer bulk of winter clothing and bivy gear . They have side compression straps, semi rigid foam sewn in backsides to keep your gear out of your spokes. The from elastic is new. They weigh just over a pound for a pair. These are made in a custom camo 500 D Cordura at the customers request.


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