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cluster 1/2 frame bag

New frame bag day for Mike@proxient. This is going on his Crust lighting bolt. While I build a good number of bike bags that never get posted, this is the first that I can remember being built out of the 500 Dyneema grid Cordura fabric, so it gets a mention. I used daisy chains and one wrap velcro on the ends as the Lightning Bolt has a Ritchey breakaway clamp at the seat cluster. It's also sporting the new woven labels, which i had let run out a couple of years ago, but they look better than the embroidered patch logo.

frame bags

custom dyneema pack

Dr. Rock’s new pack! A very custom panel loader with both a sewn on crampon pocket/ ice tool carriers and front avy gear pocket. Loosely based off the 80’s, I mean a pack i built last winter. This has a webbing slot for setting up diagonal ski carry, but in the more likely to be utilized “A frame” configuration i left the side compression straps long enough to wrap around the ski. Also has pleated wand pockets, interior zippered storage pocket. The main pack is fully woven 8 oz dyneema, the purple front, bottom and wand pockets is the woven dyneema/polyester fabric, same as i used on the pack posted last week. I bought a few yards knowing i had several packs needing it. The pleated crampon pocket is 8 oz packcloth cause we needed hot pink.

full custom

white light/ white heat

I made a pack during my class this past week too.

The White Light/White Heat is a pack designed for wearing while climbing. Its my oldest technical pack. No lift straps, the roll top stays below your helmet so you can easily look up while climbing. This particular pack is 26 ounces with the waist strap and 40” long bivy pad. Could be lighter. The WL/WH is unusual for a small 25L climbing pack in that its custom fitted. No sense in building a pack that fits some but not most. This pack can be built to tiny 13” torso to 23”, with the pack adjusted so all torso lengths have the same volume. Features can be added or removed to suit your needs. It the most durable pack out there: DX40 woven Dyneema/polyester face fabric on top of the laminated Dacron x grid and 70D nylon lining. The bottom, lower rim, crampon patch and ice tool holders are two layers of fabric. This pack has been built close to 1 lb with no loss of durability. It’s set up to haul if needed. The waist belt can be either webbing or custom fitted padded alpine belt, both fully removable. Have narrow shoulders or built like a linebacker? Not a problem this can be built to fit. The base price, as shown, custom fitted, is $385, made to order, by me. The downside is it takes a long time, like 12 months right now. There is no better time to get on the waiting list. It keeps growing.

white light/ white heat

Custom Alpine pack!

Kai’s new pack!!!! Kai is a friend of mine in SLC. He has been a very early supporter of Alpine Luddites since day one. He lent me his Karrimor Haston Alpinist to make a pattern from, that was the pack i started Alpine Luddites with. I have since found another. He asked me to build a pack styled after the original Karrimor , but bigger . His pack is around 60-65 liters. Its deeper rather than taller as he can’t stand his helmet hitting the back of the pack. There is only a couple of inches of pack above the load lifter straps, with an adjustable button lid attachment. There are two sets of different length rear lid straps. The problem is many removable lids get caught up in the load lifters, so i needed as clean and functional lid attachment as I could come up with. The purple fabric is a woven blend of Dyneema and polyester, with the heather look of the only the poly taking the dye. Notice the original karrimor belt buckle he sent for this build. Twin stays, navy vx21 roll top bivy extension. Only missing the blue voile crampon straps which I’m waiting to show up. Oddly enough my next pack also asked for another shade of purple in the same fabric…

custom packs

custom alpine machine

A huge custom Alpine Machine going to Canmore, AB for Gavin, who’s wife has been carrying a similar AM for the last couple of years. She wrote me to tell me how well her pack fit and sent along photos of her climbing in the Canadian rockies and the Bugaboos with her pack. This one is slightly bigger volume, has two lids, both the big lid and the flat Don lid. The avy gear pocket that I posted on Thursday, removable water bottle pockets ,the newly redesigned removable hip belt pockets, gear loops, a removable webbing belt along with the custom fitted conical belt. The side compression straps are removable, wand pockets, trekking pole loops and a full #10YKK side access zipper. On packs of this size I always use a pair of 7075-T6 alloy frame stays, which mount into sleeves on top of the 3/4” thick back pad. I think that's everything

alpine machine

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